On CannabisSativa.CO we will

  • Identify & document news relating to the major trigger events in the cannabis and hemp industries. These include partial and full legalization,  hemp legalization, cannabis legalization by the federal government, etc.
  • Aggregate (via rss feeds) all news about cannabis and hemp companies that are being traded on the stock market & emerging private companies that will be open to investors
  • Catalog all hemp and cannabis related patents
  • Determine the major industry power players - companies and individuals 

CannabisSativa.CO Planned Features

  • Newsletters per Company
    • Single webform to sign up for multiple newsletters
  • RSS Feeds per Company
  • Related Companies Analysis & GUI Relationships + explain the importance of relationship
  • People Directory
  • Industry Business Models/ Types of Businesses Wiki
  • Industry Specialties Wiki
  • Crowd Funding & Business Building Platform!!!!!!!

Open Source Cannabis Industry Plan

This section of the website will be a wiki outlining ALL of the types of businesses that will exist in the cannabis & hemp industries.

Industry trends & the specialties that may be focused upon to make the most of those trends will be deciphered, openly shared & openly collaborated upon.

This is one of the most empowering industries for humanity, so we must work together to establish ht most open and caring industrial community surrounding it.

After we have a solid basis for all of the business models that are possible & the trends that are emerging, we will launch a crowdfunding platform to help our community members launching the businesses of all of our dreams. Preferably these businesses will be more open, transparent and decentralized.

Beyond our creative commons industry wiki & timeline, we will also be launching a strain database under creative commons. This open source database will provide people the ability to quickly travel through the genetic lineage of cannabis, while noting which cannabinoids that followed each path of evolution from the landraces.

By working together to build a networked mind we can ensure that we are making the best choices day to day with the products that we consume. Medicines will be much more effective and recreational users will be able to travel through cannabis genetics much like a choose your own adventure game.

During this time we will be establishing our non-profit seed exchange system! This platform will allow people to freely trade seeds with fellow freemen without any oversight or charges.

We care about all types of people throughout the world and do not believe in any centralized power centers for this industry. We have a chance to work together to create an amazing lifestyle and industry that will be sure to inspire future generations. Lets work together to make sure that we get it right the first time, especially now that we can crowdsource through the Internet!

Crowdsourcing cannabis and hemp related patents is also one of our focuses. By working together to develop cutting edge innovations we can put these patents into the creative commons so that everyone can benefit from them! Industry has kept helpful innovations hidden from humanity for too long, so we must work together to make sure that the innovations of the future are available to all!

Join our community now to receive updates on all of our projects. CannabisSativa.CO is our central headquarters, and we already have numerous supporting domain names under development. The future began yesterday. Are you prepared yet? Join our community to keep up on the latest developments,.



Cannabis Sativa CO was started in 2008 as a group of people who wanted to outline the cannabis and hemp industries so that we could become part of these great emerging industries. It has evolved from personally buying cannabis-related domain names, to planning out a possible dispensary, building databases of all strains & cannabis-related business models to now documenting and aggregating all information about the businesses and people whom are set to capitalize on their first mover advantages in the emerging cannabis and hemp industries.

This website will be evolving over time, so sign up for an account now while they are still free. A lot of our information databases will not be open to the general public, but if you show interest and value we will consider letting you into the inner circle for free when we fully launch.

- The Cannabis Sativa CO Team


Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with any of the cannabis or hemp companies listed on this website. All information listed is for education purposes only.

Last Updated: 09/19/2017 - 8:15pm